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A short, experimental horror game about waiting in line for... well, you'll need to play it to find out.

Coming 12/01/2018!


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I'd say this definitely counts as both experimental and a game of some description. The visuals are interesting and the audio is pretty nice for a small work, and the overall experience feels like something that could get very existential if it went on long enough.

Good job on this. You made a thing.


Quite disappointed this isn't available for windows. Looks like a fun game though! 


It is available for Windows :) Just download Q.zip, extract the files and double click Q.exe to play

Well This game Suprised me....

 Spoiler warning I don’t play with my boobs

Very um. Different :)

I don't want to give away anything. So I'll just say good job.

What can I say it was weirdly fun! The only time I think i've enjoyed waiting in line! It's not in this video but, the end glitched on me I got stuck on the door just kept opening and closing!

This game was fun! heres my version of my waiting in line.... 

This game was weirdly awesome! had such an awesome time queing and talking about KFC and McDonalds XD not sure why haha but overall good job on creating this game!

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how do u download the game???? i cant see the button..... i think..

EDIT: Oops... not for windows

Yeah sorry about that, it is available for Windows, but due to an issue the build was taken down temporarily. It'll be back up tomorrow. Thanks!


This is a unique game, with an ending worth... waiting for.

This is very naughty. but enjoy the play game. 허무하지만 재미있게 플레이 했어요.

wait a sec? why are we here if we dont know what we are waiting for in the queue?

The protagonist is well aware of what they're waiting for, but maybe not all the details.

We are number 2817 not 2812 :(

Thanks, that'll be fixed in the new build!